Monday, January 5, 2009

just a little riddle for you :)

A blue house is made of bluebricks, a redhouse is made of red bricks, a pink house is made of pink bricks. Whats a greenhouse made of? (it's like so d'oh)

  1. green bricks
  2. glass

  3. wood

  4. grass

ha ha ok gonna sleep now. just got off msn with Nick (penang one) I miss him!! he's like the weirdest.. erm.. i mean most interesting, funniest and nicest person i've ever met in Trinity.. (this might make his head bigger).. BUT he also needs to get back to maintaining his blog!!! This is not a hint Nick. ;) ha ha

first time at Seven I went with Nick and his gang

mmkay beddy bye now so bye and off to bed!

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