Monday, January 5, 2009

got my semi acoustic baby!!!

tht's just the light side of today.. the moment i got home it's like everything came crashing down on me. and all at one shot! here's the summary: fucking stressed out! Acceptance form not delivered, no accomodation, no student visa!!! Thank God I've my daddy! <3>

here's the sequence, trinity finally replied my previous email (days ago) saying i need to settle some more forms!!! ASDGK??!! how many do they have?:
Academic Referee Report (see documents attached),
Personal Referee Report (see documents attached); as well as your,
Applicant Statement (a hand-written statement about yourself [approx 300 words], indicating your interests, ambitions and reasons for applying to Trinity College).

my face was liek O__o at the last one. okay... essat writing again..

and then..

dad asked me to search for otehr accomodations just case. GOD DAMN IT! I had many offers for accomodations including Izzie's apartment which i really liked but nooo... my parents refused to pay extra for it. ok la understandable cause it's a lot of money la but then now I risk facing no place to stay next month. HOLY FUCK! Next month!!

and another thing, well the Uni's acceptance form which i thought i had sent and settled on the 24th of DEcember has come back to haunt me because i realised it WASN'T SENT!!!! "to what extend am I to blame for this tragedy?" xD ha ha those of you from Trinity would remember this in Lit Essay Question Term4. anyways we faxed it and i'm suppose to wait for confirmation around 5 days.. well it's been 10 days!!! so guesssed office was closed for them and thus it wasn't received. So then...

I decided to scan the shit and email it to them but then... dumb printer cannot SCAN!! arghhh tried installing the software: Your computer is missing certain requirements and thus cannot continue installation. I was like @#$%^!! so i had to install it in my sis's comp, carried the printer to the other side, plug then scan then save in thumbdrive, plug in my comp, convert to pdf and finally send!! hah... well tht's taken care off.

anyways while i was filling in the CS application form (for like the 3rd time) they asked for my visa and i realised I didn't renew mine yet cause Melb Uni hasn't sent my eCOA (electronic confirmation of acceptance)

in a non-academical relation. My friend Jon got cheated on my the "person" he really loves and still cares about although he claims he was not so loving to "person". I know the feeling, i really do and that added to the stress just made me explode on him at the worst time! It was the first time i've seen him so down.. actually it's the first time i've seen him sad at all. I remember the first time he called me from UAE all the way to Melbourne. He was all joyfully laughing at how blur I was and he had this "Happy happy joy joy" tone.. Now.. seriously being cheated on is the worst ever thing to happen to anyone because while physical pain can be subdued by drugs emotional pain can't.

Liz and Shak are coming over tomorrow while my mum is out (yes i got permission) and then liz and I plan to call him using her phone because mine is postpaid thus the numbers will appear on my bill. Seriously so sweet of her right?

I just smsed Jon he'll be fine i so hope *fingers crossed* I still can't get the last thing he said to me which i will not post here. It sounded so.. I love you Jon darling. Please cheer up. It just doesn't feel right with you being like this. If only I was loaded like Paris Hilton I'd get my suped up pink private jet to yr place and give you the huggies you deserve! =D

will post pics and more of my baby semi-acous in the nxt post. right now still a bit tense althought a certain someone just made me smile by jsut saying a few lines.. oh ___ if only you knew..

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