Thursday, January 15, 2009

does yr hormones say what yr heart says?

try to forget about him? cannot also.. i mean can but didn't last long. just one simple word from him makes the feelings rush back inside me, flooding inside of me and spills out through my laughter when he says the smallest funny thing (something wrong with tht sentence).

talking to Liz and Lisa now.. oh and Ivan too and he's teasing me about speculating!! ha ha can't stop smiling. i get so happy talking to him and when he stops I'm a bit.. ugh "stupid Tiff" (Chris: 2008). It's like i'm empty again. i'm not a flooded sinking boat anymore :'(

do you realize? blah, he hardly reads my blog anyways. ok so what i did today. Spose to go to OU today to meet the Albert House people in KL.. but.. no transport and well i guess i cld've walked to the station like jun lin said but kinda far :P so i didn't but you know what? I DAMN FUCKING REGRETTTTTTTT!!!!!!! gah shd have gone shd have gone!!
so what i did? passed my time ACTUALLY reading magazines. normally to me magazines are a waste of trees, money, time and printing and actaully a whole lot of other things; waste of shelf space, waste of chat time, brain cells etc. but yeah i had nothing else to do so i was spose to take these to recylce but instead i started reading my mum's old issues of Vogue and Bazaar. I think my brain melted already..
when Kim came back we went to the playground for me to do some photography and sketching. oh and swings!! then played some guitar. on the way we saw this poor kitty (ok so it's a cat) look the ears are wounded and they're fresh and poor thing was quite thin. and all curled up. You just wanna hug and kiss it but we know the diseases tht could be on this thing.. btu still i felt my heart break a bit when i had no choice but to walk pass it.. poor baby.. oh i just rememebred the picture i saw on jun yeu's blog. at NS some guy wanted to dump the cat in the dustbin. To those of you who know me and my animal-loving self well, you'd know what i would have done to that person right.. :D
okay so i've decided science then medicine.. will i make it? God knows.. and here's another thing tht i was considering to attend but ivan just gave a worse case scenario thing and now i'm thinking twice.. well i kinda was already but this is twice twice so.. *shrugs* Help me!!!!

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