Thursday, January 22, 2009

wooo things are turning up for me!

yay got a call today saying my accomodation is confirmed. I'm going to Trinity College!! *dances* as in the residentials ha ha. and and and... ok no wait i'll keep the other news to myself until I'm in Melbourne again and if i see him. *blushes*

had like the most random conversation with someone today.. like really weird and random from flies to superman and sidekicks and aliens and tickling! wee! I actually had fun talking on msn? how lifeless is tht? hmm hmm nothing much to blog about today but all I can say is at this moment I'm feeling HAPPY!!!!! but yet i don't know what to say? weird...

zzzz... boredddddd..... and my mum's been praising me non stop i feel so on top of the world today yet with nothing to say hey tht rhymes! i rock!

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