Tuesday, January 20, 2009

last night's blog granted

Last night I blogged about how I was suddenly into high heels right.. well... I told my mum and she was so happy she took me shoe shopping today before picking up my brother and sister from school. and yes she was excited. Took me to 3 shoe stores and i bought a pair at each shop. If I had found more that I liked she would have bought them too. She brought like shoe after shoe saying "Tii this is nice/ not bad/ can be worn for etc..." I think she's happy her daughter is finally becoming a "classy girl" as she calls it. I just think it's this whole turning 18 that's maturing me ha ha. But tht doesn't mean I'm gonna turn my back on my Converse shoes. I've a pair on my wishlist haha but fat chance I'm ever gonna get that. But anyways here's the shoes:
the flats that I wanted

the wedges I wanted

the black stilettos that I wanted!!!

P.S. they're all 3.5 inches high. ha ha i'm like 5 feet 7/8 when i wear them! rawr! so that's what it feels like.

Yes I just had to blog about it immediately! Oh and I saw Sherman and Rosalind shopping together just now. Eh are they an item? someone tell me! LOL

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