Friday, January 16, 2009

officially one month to go

before i fly back to melbourne.. mixed emotions? yes, no, kinda, maybe, not really. xD it's 9.50am. gonna have the phone interview at 10am me nervous? yes, no, kinda, maybe, not really. xD

Well anyways, my mum wants hair dyed back black for CNY (lol black fro CNY... funny) cause the relatives (according to her and I second tht) when they see my hair will flip and start talking bad. But I don't wanna lose my streaks :S plus colouring will further damage my hair which is slowly recovering. So she gave another suggestion.. CHOP THE BLONDE PARTS OFF. O.O! Guess that kinda leaves me with the most obvious decision right? oooh 9.58am ok gonna call them now.. nervous? YES!

ok interview done.. :S hope i did fine.. scratch that i hope i did well. I stammered a lot and i had problems saying tolerable fast :S Peter was nice though :) choong wai hoe of all days you weren't online!! I asked all yr questions for you already.

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