Friday, January 30, 2009

things are turning up for me

My parents finally came to a decision, I'm gonna take environments, be an architect, work a year or two, open up a business and enter interior architecture and interior designing as well (kinda the same la) but it's gonna be a damn lot of stress. However, it's what i want so yeahhhh :)

oh and my dad suddenly texted me saying i got offered a Trnity International Scholarship of $4000!! tht's like omg! i can get my DSLR!! haha! and they are like so flattering in their offer, here's what it said:
Please accept my warmest congratulations on achieving your University place and on the offer of a residential place at Trinity in 2009. Trinity College is a community whose primary mission is to help students achieve their full potential at University through the direct support of academic studies, alongside opportunities to explore cultural, sporting, spiritual, and community service activities. The College is a community of scholars who value and promote academic leadership, tolerance, integrity, and all-round excellence in character and conduct. I know that your time here will be richly rewarding and highly enjoyable, and will bring you long-lasting personal and professional rewards. I take pleasure in offering you a Trinity International Scholarship to the value of $4000.

LOL! DSLR for meeeeee...

ok if yr one of those rich people who think "Whatever it's just 4000 bucks, and she's making a big deal out of it." PISS OFF. it's my happiness tht matters here. and also I made my mum happy so i benefit double.

oh oh and my gorgeous, gorgeous Nay finally borke off from her ****ed up bf (ex) Graham. God that guy fucking reminds me of.. well she and I know who we're referring to. CONGRATZ ON BEING SINGLE AND FREE AGAIN NAY MY DEAREST. I LOVE YOU LOADS!! GET YR SEXY ASS TO MELB INSTEAD OF ADELAIDE NEXT TIME! HAHA! MUAX!

she's so pretty i like her smile

lol I was taking the picture so i had to hold the paper heart


my webcam damn sucky she's so bright! lol

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