Sunday, January 18, 2009


Went to the cutest cafe ever for dinner. It was one fo those places where they served food and sold clothes. It was called Fullhouse (suits the name totally) the deco was so wow! Can't rememeber where it was though but really I wanted to steal the deco esp the table's centrepieces. Starry holed lamps!!

I so want this pleaseeeeeeeee....

IDKY but i want this for my room :P

now a room like this kind of girly I wouldn't mind *points to left* Four poster bed!!

can see the bird? cute right? there were a few of these around

yh as usual my mum said no i can't go out. But she likes to make up for it in some other form. She bought me this really really cute black dress! it has the tuille sticking out (just what I've always wanted but she never liked me wearing) it's just gorgeous to me. I shd have taken a pic of it at the shop >.<

oh yh and my mum got an iPhone :O
lol anyways me tired and gonna sleepy sleep now.

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