Sunday, January 11, 2009

will miss you Joycey.. :(

my roomie! well ok ex-roomie but tht doesn't sound so nice.. anyways.. she's going to Sydney.. I wish I could hold her back but ok tht's just selfish. as for me once again i'm gonna start fretting over SCIENCE or ENVIRONMENTS. wai hoe wasn't helpful and well what did i aspect from him anyways ha ha.

oh and i was just showing jon and andy my Walking By cover. hmm didn't say much so guess it was sucky xD oh well there's always room for improvements right? Oh and omg since when does Teo go for dance classes ah ha ha ha!!! and he's hilarious (as always) according to a reliable source ( i think) he entered a levi's store with her and was whining that he only wants levi's jeans but he was IN A FREAKING LEVI'S STORE! omg classic him man i laughed my ass off!! miss that lovable dorky idiot. haha
HEy Joyce I can still call you when yr free to talk you know? i mean vodafone! hello standard charges and now i don't have to waste credit talking to you-know-who-that-bastard-is anymore so why not spend it on the person who had to put up with me, my nonsense and yet look after me when everything crashed down on me. This post goes out to you my dear! MUAX! love you babe! ha ha and yr American accent :)

and Liz you'll love this I'm over him! thanks to my 'daddy' ha ha. no seriously not real daddy la of course but he sure can act like one :) Yay! Tiff is broken of that stupid emotion and can now focus on.. erm... something else! the more i think about it the more i feel it wasn't worth it.

cause yr hot then yr cold yr yes then yr no yr in then yr out yr up then yr down

OMG first time ever in history that Chris didn't criticize me!! ha ha ha I told him to watch my Walking By cover by Holiday Parade (best indie band ever!) and this was what he said:

- says (9:57 PM):
lol my motivation to llive comes from being able to kick yr ass back in melb
Chris Vinc. says (9:58 PM):
my critic is ,...
i think it is quite nice
Chris Vinc. says (9:59 PM):
it is arcostic rite?
- says (9:59 PM):
lol no seriously la this time i won't hit you
lol yeah semi acoustic
Chris Vinc. says (9:59 PM):
then i cant critic
- says (9:59 PM):
tht means can plug into an amplifier also
Chris Vinc. says (9:59 PM):
i think it is quite good
- says (9:59 PM):
omg for once!! must sacve this conversation ha ha
Chris Vinc. says (9:59 PM):
if ur voice is a bit higher and nt so shaky
- says (9:59 PM):
then print and paste in my scrapbook

thanks kor~ ;) i know you miss me

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