Saturday, January 31, 2009


Yay! you passed yr driving test!! but then we're going to Melb in around 2 weeks give and take. Driving apa? haha unless yr getting a car in melb then i can provide you a parking spot on condition you drive me around haha.

I WANNA GO CLUBBING!! and... I WANT LADY GAGA'S ALBUM! go youtube and search for the piano version of Poker face. DAMN DAMN CUTE!


  1. honestly, i don't know what i'll be driving. i'm in no hurry to want my own car because there's so many at home already. it's either the clk which is auto but i'm afraid i'll crash it or the satria neo but it's a freaking manual.

    nah, i'm sticking to walking and tram (if desperate) because i need to burn off the fats anyway. :) and to be able to drive there i think you need to take lessons or something.

  2. oh, and thank you for dedicating a post to me! muchos love. :)